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Classes and Private Lessons

About me

My name is Sam Moorehead I live in Rigby Idaho, on a farm with chickens, dogs and a few sheep :) Im a professional anime artist who has worked for Marvel, DC and image comics. I was a manga professor at the International School of Comics (a college from Italy) in Chicago. My tutorial book, Manga the Mega Guide, is available on Amazon and is internationally published in several languages.


I have a ton of experiece selling and working in many art related industries and was in the top earnings artists while i was working. I have since retired to enjoy life with my farmily, but have been asked to teach classses, so I have opened them up :) you can reach me at 602-909-3230 to book lessons in the Rigby, Idaho Falls and Rexburg area.

Tuition and Fees 

60 minute lesson = $30 private lessons or $15/person for groups of 2+


Tuition is flat rate, paid at the lesson cash venmo, cards, paypal etc accepted.

Lesson Books & Materials

I do not provide all materials but will share mine during lessons to expose students to new techniques and bring basics such as pencils, paper, erasers etc. There is no fee for this, but your student may ask you for their own them after trying them :) all they really need is some cheap basics to get started though. What supplies a student needs will vary greatly based on their interests so i will provide a recommended list to you after a few lessons so i can get a feel for the child's dedication level and what they are most interested in. 

Missed Lessons & Holidays

No fees or penalty for a missed lesson, just call/text me to cancel or reschedule 

Homework and practice 

I will often send home homework for students to practice new techniques, this is for fun. Please do not force them to do it if they do not enjoy it. Art needs to be about fun more than anything for students to improve, we will work on the assignment together during our next lesson. :)

Student Age Limit

There is no minimum or maximum age of students, most of my experience is in teaching college level adults but i am always happy to teach kids of all ages. I teach all students like upcoming professsionals in the art industry.

Art Courses

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