Hello! We get asked a lot about commissions so here is the pricing and info. Please fill out the form below if you are interested and we will contact you asap :) If you'd like to submit more than one commission idea, you may submit more than one form :) Click the button on the right if you want to see the current waitlist/staus of current commissions we're working on right now. 


We reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. Commissions are for personal use only; |We retain ownership and copyright on all work. Characters in fan art are owned by their respective creators.

How much do your commissions cost?

Chibi  $50

Headshot $50

Half body $75 (detailed BG + $50)

Full body $100 (detailed BG + $50)

How does payment work?

  • We accept paypal, and all major credit cards. We'll send you a link with an invoice that you can pay from.

  • You pay upfront and then we start your commission :) You can receive a full refund as long as we haven't started your commission yet.

  • We can accept refunds, if we haven't started your commission and you want to cancel just let us know ^^

  • There will be x2 cost and a contract necessary for commercial usage.

How long does it take?
Typically 2-6 weeks, sometimes longer, no rush please >< We have to take frequent breaks for my mental health, but we will keep you updated frequently and ofc you can request an update at any time! Time to completion will vary depending on complexity and if there are any other commissions lined in front of you. We will do my best to give an estimate upon acceptance. 

Step 1: Rough sketch, sent for you to approve, and ask for changes
Step 2: Inks and color flats, sent for approval
Step 3: When your commission is done we will send you the high resolution file via email

What will you draw/not draw?

Things We Specialize in:

  • Cute girls / Waifus

  • Anime style

  • Original character

  • Anime video game fan art

  • Kemonomimis

  • Cars / Vehicles

  • Nudity & NSFW

Things We Will Also Draw:

  • Guy characters

  • Furries

  • Cute anime animals (Like cats and pokemon)

  • Hand-held weaponry


Things We Will Not Draw:


  • Detailed shipping art (Overt sexual scenes)

  • Overt violence / gore

  • Realistic people or animals

  • Real people in anime syle

  • Babies / very small children

  • Unclear reference/design needed

  • Explicit sexual acts/touching

  • Mecha/robots

  • Unclear reference/design needed​​

Fill out and submit the form below if you are interested! Thanks for your support!

Commission Request Form
What Type of Commission would you like?

Thanks for submitting! Ill get back to you withing 24 hours :)